Inez de Vega, Video Still, Dying Not to Be, 2013

“Art is like a slow, wild psychoanalysis. You discover things about yourself and slowly dare to mention things you didn't before.”
   Christian Boltanski,The Possible Lives of Christian Boltanski, 2010

"Beneath the veneer of strength that we are expected to present to the world, most of us carry disturbing complexes of fear, guilt or shame. Unless we acknowledge these internal states, I suspect we won't be able to change them." 
Inez de Vega, Interview with Amy Marjoram, 2014



Australian artist Inez de Vega engages with performance as a way of understanding the world. Using the modalities of spoken-word, song, animation and audience interaction, her work investigates affect, trauma, neuroses, and performance as an act of catharsis. She is currently developing a show to be realised at the State Library of Victoria that will depict new and historical ideas about hysteria, female psychology, institutionalisation and the Other.

Inez holds the 2014/2015 Georges Mora Fellowship in partnership with State Library of Victoria. She has exhibited widely in Australia and overseas, including at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, Nellie Castan Gallery, Art Gallery of Ballarat and The Ararat Regional Art Gallery. Internationally, her work has been shown in Paris, Berlin, Milan, Chicago and China. Among her list of grants and awards, she is the recipient of an ArtStart grant from the Australia Council, the Orloff Family Scholarship, the Maude Glover Fleay Award and the Lionel Gell Scholarship. She has twice been shortlisted for the Keith & Elisabeth Murdoch Travelling Scholarship, and has been a finalist in the Wallara Scholarship. 

Inez de Vega, Video Still, When We Are Dying, 2011